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hye all..
just now i read my beshfren's blog(luna stella..hey dude,i'm promoting ur blog lar..hahaha)
i've been tagged by her..
hahaha..sddnly feel very excited and very eager to answer the questions..pheww ;)
oh..b4 i forgot..what has she wrote about me..wanna know??she said dat i'm one of the memebers of 'The Band'..yes i admit it..i'm the vocalist??hahahaha..wat an award..but babe..do u know dat our 'band' is not move..x gerak langsung pon..but wat makes me wanna laugh is dat there is someone who kind of really percye yg our band nie cm seolah2 move giler3..hahahaha..ntah pape..

enough for dat..
let me strt wif da 1st question..

it is about:

Give 5 interesting facts about the person who awarded this:

1.miss luna stella is very motherly..hahaha..even though she's not married yet but trust me,she has some characteristics that some mothers outside have..one easy word is..she's very caring..hehehe.. ;)

2.she has a very good english..just look at her blog..she has many new awesome words..w0o0W!!it impressed me babe..

3.she has a sweet face even though sometimes she didnt admit it..hahahah..

4.miss hystrix is very generous..yeah!!i said so bcuz she's very easy to lend me her money(eh only when i forgot to bring my money ok..heheh) eh not only that..she's very easy to treat people..wah!!besh3..

5.lastly..ape ek??? she has such a slow voice..actually her slow voice is very useful at certain times..when os the time??let it be the secret..hahaha..

2nd qestion..

Give 10 facts or hobbies of your own before you choose others to tag..

1.love Allah..Rasul..and Family

2.lazy but hardworking..hahahah..

3.love playing basketball very much..hahaha..i used to represent my school for this competition..it such a sweet,marvelous,gorgeus and bestest memories i ever had..as i got a lot of friends and experiences.. ;)

4.kuat tid0w..;) wee~~

5.love pink,black and white..good combination meh..isnt it??

6.l00oo00ove ch0colate very muchhhhhhhhhh..yummmyyyy ^_^

7.love to play around..like to trick people..kah3..(yke..ye kan je lr)

8.love music..i'm an universal listener..sume layannnn..

9.love shoping but always didnt get the chance to do it..hahaha..xpe..xksh..hahah..

10.all as stated above..ahahah.. ;)

Now choose 10 people who shall receive this award next,and tell about them in brief!

one of my friends at ipp..she's cute..
my besh friend and also my senior at ipp..
my senior..
my senior..
5.kak aza(if she read dis)
my senior..
my gil0s-gilos fren
7.spe2 je yg nk ditag

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dgn besar hatinya beta buat

June 14, 2009 at 5:29 AM

tokey...! thank u..sweet face? brape kali nk ckp,jgn ske mrase muke org le. kan ade ak bg cekelat nu,mkn yg tu je sudeh..ish2..ak kwn dgn semut rupenye.

i treat u bcoz dat's the easiest way to clear my debts,haha! ala mcm x biase plk anda. kan kt mmg gne sistem tu.. ;p

u scored high in lds too! that's impressive u know!

btw great to hv u as my good friend..! :D

June 14, 2009 at 9:09 PM

btw,knp x ambk awardnye..? copy dkt blog aku,right side of it. ade 'amazing blog award' tu.. this tag comes with an award. encik pidi pun x ambk lg,

June 14, 2009 at 9:13 PM

sape Jai Ho???
hahahhaha :p


June 18, 2009 at 6:54 AM

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