f square  

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forgive and FORGET
is da BEST thing that i can do rite now
continue ma life as usual
become selfish
dont let anybody makes me HURT
dont bother anyone
let them be wat they want to be

seat belt  

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lme tol x tulis blog..
tetbe rse cm laen lak.. ;P
still no idea what to write in dis new post..
nvm lr..
since, most of ma friends already posted their new story..
nk jgk post..walaupon x besz!!(since dis is ma blog,so ske ati lar)

last night,went to bndr to fetch my cousin yg keje kt hosp. putra tuh..
then b4 nk g tuh, ttbe ma 2nd bro ckp nk blanje mkn..
adesss..npe x ckp awai2..
aq dh mkn dh td..tp x pe lr..bkn sng nk dpt peluang cmnie..weee~~

then after amek my kazen..tros g mkn..
i ordered sup tulang..igtkn just a bowl of sup tulang..kne mkn ngn nasi ke?
oh no!!gemux lr aq cmnie.. ;(
tp x pe..x abes pown nasi tuh..sian dy..sory ea nasi,x dpt nk abeskn kamu..full already..;D

then tros g bndr kat uptown tuh..
ayah nk draw duet..then ikot je lr..
ttbe ma bro kate.."anis pki seat belt"
awat skema sgt..
tau lr skrng nieh musim perayaan,tp pndai2 lr nti anis cover ble ade polis(chewah cm teror je) ;P
x selesa sungguh pki seat belt nieh..
kalo dok kat seat sblh driver tuh bley terima ag ar kalo kne pki seat belt..
nie dok belakang..x selesa!!
then suddnly terpke..
musti ade sbb knp kerajaan kuatkuasakan mende nieh kan?
even bkn aq yg jlnkn research ttg mende nieh..
tp still cn image wat..
berapa kuat impact yg penumpng blkng bg kt driver if suddnly brlku accdnt..
btol pe tndkn dorng tuh..
sbb kite bkn je bhyekn nyawa kite but also bhyekn nyawa org laen esp driver or passanger sblh driver..
sian kt dorng..
x ke rse berdosa..
dat's y lr rmi driver yg mati ble accdnt kan..
moral of da story..
jgn jd cm aq(sbb last2 aq cbut gk seat belt tuh..hahaha)

till then..

hungry and blur~~  

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i'm very HUNGRY rite now!!
save me b4 anything happen to me..
my roomate and mira are still sleeping..
"weh,bgun j0m..kite mkn..lapa nieh"
i'm not sleepy at dis time (08.40a.m.)
bcus i slept at 11.25 last night..
very tired meh..
just listening to my songs in my hp..
love it..
oh yeah..
i just bought the new cover for my hp..
and i think it makes my hp looks very nice and exclusive..hahahaha..
i listened to one of my songs in my hp..
avenged sevenfold-DEAR GOD..
got from my cousins..
just love the song and da lyrics also da melody..
even though the vocalist pnyer suara sounds SENGAU..but nvm..
bcuz i cnt sleep td..
berangan jap ats katil..hahaha..
thinking of something dat always in ma mind..
cant take it..
i hate it.. 'Huh"
till now ..
if anthing sddnly come across to ma mind..
i'll edit dis post okeh..

searching for MY MR R  

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i guess lme gk x blogging since kt umh ari tuh..no idea at all..dunno wat to write..

nvm..let me just tell u a 'short story' of ma life now..haha..i've started my class 4 da 2nd sem now..quite scary n quite bz..1 more subject added which is AGAMA ISLAM..quite interesting..cant wait to learn it.. ^ ^

class remain da same except for lds math also agama islam..

back to da title..

y i'm searching 4 my mr rajin..
ouh..just dunno..
still wif perangai lame..
u'r gunno hve ur big exm dis year..aiya!!pliz change meh..PLIZZZ!!

My mr rajin pliz come to me..

i do need u ssgt!!
i beg u..
where'd u go..
pliz come back..
wanna change..
dun wnt to be da old me..
wweeee~~ (hope x hgt2 tahi itik)

wanna proud my family..
wanna make them hepy esp my love mom n dad..
(touching jap)
^ ^


if anyone found my mr rajin..
pliz search my num at yellow pages n call me..

p/s:still trying to improve ma english..

memori tercipta-uia nilai  

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it's 4.03a.m already n i'm n0t sleeping yet..
mayb bcuz i've slept in da evening bcuz i g0t stomachache..ngee~~
mayb jgk bcuz i'm going back t0 penang dis night..oh no ;(
just update my dear lappy n arrange all my files and folders here n suddnly wanted to listen to one song which is MEMORI TERCIPTA by shahila..
and all of a sudden.wanted to write dis post and it all bciz of dis s0ng..dis s0ng is very momentous to me..heheh..

dis post is specially dedicated to all my friends esp my frens at uia nilai..hehe..
walaup0n aq rse k0rng sume dh lpekn aq..tp aq still igt sume mem0ri kt sne..huhuh ^ ^
eventhough i ve been there for 2 months only, but u kn0w wat..0ur memories there still remain in my heart(chewaaahh)..huhuh..

kedai makcik n pakcik
kawah thai
cfs iium cafe
n lots..

nilai square
masjid bandar baru nilai

to all my freinds at uia nilai..
aja2 fighting!! never give up!! keep up ur good w0rk!! be a good torchbear for the ummah!!
to all my dormmates..
miss u all like crazy..
thankz 4 being my good dormmates ever..
( ^ ^)

to hani,kinah,mar,cark cik, and others
syg sgt kat k0rng..
thankz 4 everything..!!
thankz 4 being my listener..!!
thankz 4 all the 'rescues'..!!
eventhough we do not know each other at first,but alhamdulillah at last we stick together and all those memories with u all will never dwindle..

hepy t0 have u all beside me..
will never forget u all..
pray 4 my success yah my friends..
till death seperate us..

hani.mar.kinah at da hostel's compound

in front of e-2-5
(kealiman ku terserlah)

members of e-2-5 yg best thp cipan



Bergetar jiwa dipersada bercahaya
Pertemuan harapan pertama kalinya
Bergetar jiwa menghadapi mimpi-mimpi
Sukar dipercaya pintunya terbuka

Di sini jua memori tercipta
Walau seketika terjalin kasih kita
Mungkin disini kita kan terpisah
Kenangan bersama tiada kulupa

Mengalun suara sesuri bisikan hati
Seiringan mencari haluan berseni
Bergetar jiwa menghadapi mimpi-mimpi
Tiada pon terduga pintunya terbuka

Di sini jua memori tercipta
Walau seketika terjalin kasih kita
Mungkin di sini kita kan terpisah
Kenangan bersama tiada ku lupa

Yang terpahit jua termanis
Semuanya bagiku terindah
Kuingati buat selama-lamanya

Di sini jua memori tercipta
Walau seketika terjalin kasih kita
Mungkin disini kita kan terpisah
Kenangan bersama tiada kulupa

Mungkin disini kita kan terpisah
Kenangan bersama (3x)
Mungkin disini kita kan terpisah
Kenangan bersama tiada kulupa

meet miss h0neY..  

Posted by HoNeYsaH

Assalamualaikum.. nga3.. lme x updte bl0g nieh.. n0 idea meh..hehe..

yesterday.. i'm s0oo heppyyyy..dpt jmpe h0ney!! she came t0 ma h0use..(paksa dy dtg) ^ ^ lme x jmpe dy since 1st n0v during my br0's wedd. l0t of st0ries act wanna share wit her..dat's why i cant wait t0 see her..hehe.. we went t0 sg lurus f0r kerang g0reng..yummy!!sedap sgt!! (^ ^) chatting,gossiping, and NGUMPATING..hahaha..(astaghafirullahazim) weee~~ s0nok gler cz dpt mkn smbil bual2 ngn deruan angin laut yg cm besz gler! seyes!! heheh..

suddnly.. 0ne guy came,(n0t came to us,but came t0 that warung) 0h n0,dat damn guy!! muke hani dh mule brubanh dh.. but i kn0w,she's str0ng n c0ol..try t0 be cool n relax.. c0ntinued her st0ry just like b4..but i kn0w she's pretending.. at the same time, i can see that she's seem very epy..i kn0w wat she feel act.. sabar kay honey..just f0rget dat damn rubbish!! after finished everything, we went back.. hani bwk m0to cm nk melayang rase.. smpai tertnggl helmet aq..hahaha.. ish30x.. then.. smpi umh.. and.. end.. dat's all.. hehehe..

c0nclusi0n.. -epy-

n0 pic at da beach..just hani here..ok wat!! ^ ^