sometimes.honey is not supposed to be a "madu".  

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hye to all of u...many sweet things happened in just a wink of the eye as a day pass by another .. i can't tell u all of them to you but might there be some to be shared..this time, 'i'm' going to story you about our trip to feringghi on last last last thursday(i don't remember how 'last' was it)...hehehehe...come on guys...take a look on this story...

tersebutlah kisaaaah~ sebuah ceeerita~.... hahahahhahaha

it was planned by our versatile trip manager...saudari hystryx..this well planned trip was provided with an appropriate and specific schedule on where were going to go on the next day(that thursday...). she did a lot of research by referring to many reliable and unreliable sources to ensure that our trip on the next would be the sweet and bitter one...hehehe..

departing at 10.30 am on that thursday with a red ferrari, we were welcomed by a dog and cat rain as we went out about 2 inches away from the institute gate..however..nothing could change our excitement as puteri nadya@'abg encem' prayed a lot so that the rain would stop just when we reached our first pit stop...feringghi..hehehehe...

alhamdulillah...abg encem's prayer cashly paid as the sun reappeared as it came out in between the thick cloud and was like suddenly told us..."go and epi..i’m fighting with these clouds to 'eat' all the water so that not a drop of it droppeth to the earth.." thanks God...huhuhu...

our first foot print was officially printed at the end of the coastal area of the beach by 11.00++ am.. we got down from the car and happily like a children...tickling our toe to the beach where it faces the immeasurable how wonderful that scenery measure the beauty of the Allah's creation is impossible.. but to me..the standard measurement that could be used was the happy scale..'how far do we happy by just looking at that scenery?' would imply the degree of the beauty..huhuhu..we laughed and did crazy things though we were not going to the water that would make us wet..something that could not be 'honey'..i saw she laughed just anywhere that she wanted...i didn't steal her from her friends and her time for them..but i stole her along with her friends so that happiness in her will not only limited..but diversified in many situation..i love to see her doing crazy things (even if she did it to me...)...but i did learn about her..i saw her in between abg ensem's and hystryx on that day as i saw a happy and cute penguin laughing and giggling between another two penguins like her.. huhuhu...but i knew that i saw her to see her laugh with me as i'm one of that penguin though i'm not cute...but i'm epi..and that made me same like them....huhuhu...

nexttt...haish......after performing our 'duty' at masjid terapung which is not really a buoyancy sculpture..we headed for our lunch..having taken a lunch at 'maple' is not too worth because nothing to choose despite of 'ayam madu' n thick curries..hahahahaha.. we wanted for the sweet memory only..not sweet curry and sweet honey gravy as we already had 'honey' with us..huhuhu...we then moved for the next non-stationary architecture..we called it as 'penang tongkang' while others call it as 'feri pulau pinang' according to was her first experince that she was sailing on that 'moving art'..the fresh breeze on that open air ferry swiped away the drowsiness..two happy 'pigeons' chirping crazily in front of the ferry that faced to Seberang Perai we reached the next jetty, we were facing directionless-going-destination problem.. we hung around seberang perai and illegally made a u-turn just before the sg dua toll gate.. sudden decision was taken and then we headed to the island..we were then went to Seagate..faces to the ex-isolation centre, pulau jerejak, we sat on the rocky ended coastal to rest ourselves..the moments was firmly kept some memorial in the digital megapixels..however, i believe that everybody kept ‘it’ tightly deep in our heart and freshly in our uncounted bytes storage system...not every moment can be immortalised in any technological advancement...nor by our byte-less memory..but i do believe that remembering some parts of them is enough as honey can help me to remember some of them too...

if sometimes honey is mustn’t be a madu...what’s then?here, i have some memories to be sold...does anybody want to buy them?....huhuhu...can you afford to buy them with some amount that i would ask from you later?....hehehehe... forget about buying these memories because i won’t sell them..thank you, thank you, thank you, and terima KASIH, terima KASIH are my last words for this blog...with this..i end up this post..on behalf of honey...
written by: ulwise....

some beautiful views to be looked upon.....see..huhuhu

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laen mcm aje penulisan ineh? hahaha

May 29, 2009 at 4:00 AM

isk...touching gle...i won't forget it...syg korg!tengkiu tokey n abg ensem for making the trip even more wonderful,as i said in my blog (cheh,promote..) it was BRILLIANT! without ya it would be dull. n thnks a lot to the tourist guides aka dreba(hehehe..gurau je) en. ulwise n en. stai. without,the car won't move! haha! no la,u two drove us around tanpa mngire pnt llh..luv my best frens n thx again to both of you!

May 29, 2009 at 8:45 PM

Very Nice holiday :-)

June 2, 2009 at 7:32 PM

kacipcrew:ape yg laen incik pidi??

hystrix:yeah..thnx to u too for making our trip even more meaningful as u r da one who show da most effort to make this trip rock!! yeah!!

come to penang then..

June 4, 2009 at 9:00 PM

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