mood yg bercmpur2..  

Posted by HoNeYsaH

it has been a long time since i last blogging..
dunno wat to rite(da same reason)

i'm in libry rite now..
dat's y feel quite comfortable to click da 'new entry' button..
act, i'm forcing ma self to write a new post..

many things had happened for the last 2,3 days and also da next 2, 3 days..
starting wif da ss exhbtn..we were given only 1 week to prepare for it.
erm..but i think we did it!! ;) alhamdulillah..
then, plus i got fever..husih..(dh lme x dmm sbnrnyer)
n this time, it takes quite a long time, for me lar bcuz b4 dis, if i got flu, it only takes 2 or 3 hours to recover but this time i need almost 1 and half day to recover..
thanks to all ma frens dat always there beside me when i really need them..
thankz dude..
thankz 4 da care, thankz 4 da pills, thankz 4 everything..
u know wat...i really appreciate it and until i cant turn it into words to imagine u all nyer kebaikan..huhuhu..

sewa kereta!!
cant believe dat we did it..
cm lawak pon ade gk..
cant stand laughing when i need to 'drive' the car from usm to maktab..
hahahaha..i can say dat i did it even though i still need some practices to improve ma driving skills..hahaha..( chewah)
thankz 2 hytrix yg be my driving teacher on dat day..sgt bunguk ketika mmbawa kereta!!ahahahah
thankz 2 mr driver yg 'sudi' take us here and there..
i do appreciate it beb!

to all my frens, i hope dat u all enjoy da weekend even though we did not go anywhere yg jauh cm bukit bendera or batu feringghi..
but hope to be there wif all of u..
(nti kte sewa lori lak ea)
hahahaha.. ;)

end for the weekend,
come the weekdays..
lecture and lecture..

but 1 thing i like bout dis week is that we are going to PERLIS!!
cant wait to be there..
to be wif the 'little little' boys and girls at SK Titi Tok Bandar
hope dat we'll create such a great memory there..

till here..

p/s:still improving ma english..

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Cewah leh bawak kereta seh... O ya, all the best and hv fun with the little children. Dun let them bully u...same goes d other way round.

April 15, 2009 at 9:55 PM

hahaha...t g makan sushi king lak jom..ngidam yg t'amat sgt smpi t'mmpi2 nie...
-mr driver-hahahaha

April 15, 2009 at 9:56 PM

wohoa.. mesti semua penumpang takot2.. hahah

April 15, 2009 at 10:01 PM

chris : but still bunguk2 meh bwk kete tuh bt at least i did bully at all..i'm a 'good and kind teacher' hahahaha..

mr driver : boleh3 anda blanja yerk..hahaha.. mmg mengidam trok dh nie.

kacipcrew : oh tlg sket ea..penumpang hnye seorng shj..dan pnumpng memuji ku..hahahha

April 22, 2009 at 4:35 AM

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